A JOY I’D NEVER KNOWN by Jan Dravecky and Connie Neal

A Joy I'd Never Known

Jan Dravecky’s husband, Dave, found God through a difficult struggle with cancer—and the loss of a Major League pitching career. Jan faced great adversity in finding her own Christian faith as well—but hers is a more intimate story.

In this book, she tells that story for the first time, chronicling her own painful struggle with depression, anxiety, and loss—and the journey that took her from these dark places to the light of God’s love. A Joy I’d Never Known is sure to be an inspiration to anyone struggling through a difficult period—and looking for a return to joy.

Jan is coauthor of the well-regarded titles Do Not Lose Heart and Stand By Me. She is also the co-founder of the nonprofit organization and ministry Outreach of Hope, dedicated to helping survivors of cancer.

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