Q+A with Andrew Lam

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What do you do after a long day in the operating room? Renowned eye surgeon, Andrew Lam, writes books, and we at Team Bondfire are glad he does. Before the holidays, we had a chance to chat with Dr. Lam about his latest historical novel, Two Sons of China. 1. Why did you write this book? How did the story come about? Like a lot of people, I’m fascinated by World War II. I also love watching sweeping, romantic war movies where we get to see how cataclysmic circumstances affect ordinary men and the women they love. I wanted to write a novel like this, but set in a place completely new: China. Too few people know about the war in China, and after I learned about

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Two Sons of China Media Attention

Posted on: December 19th, 2013 by bondfireadmin

In honor of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we recently released a World War 2 novel. Written by eye-surgeon Andrew Lam, Two Sons of China is a fascinating tale of love, friendship, war, and survival during a little known battle in China. The media attention has been fantastic. We wanted to give you a chance to read what others are saying: Here’s a great review from Asian Books Blog.   Allen Yeh, a professor at Biola, also shared his thoughts.   Here’s a four-star review from blogger Irene.   If you’re not convinced this book is worth reading, make sure you check out what our friends at Amazon are saying. You can get your copy for only $9.99.

Q+A with Rob Stennett

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by bondfireadmin

Recently, we got a chance to hang out with The Living and the Undead author Rob Stennett. We’ve gotten quite a few questions about this book. Amish Vampires? What kind of novel is this? We thought it best you hear it right from the man who created this incredible story. 1. Why did you write this book? How did the story come about? I thought of combining the two-bestselling elements on the market and creating a Vampire Amish mashup. But when I started writing it I realized that someone who has been forbidden for his entire life from committing any sort of violence—and now he has to kill to survive—is the beginning of a great thriller. Even if Eli’s nature wanted him to kill I think

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Promoting Your Book: Resources and Tips for Every Author

Posted on: September 11th, 2013 by Patton Dodd

Note: This post contains a bunch of terrific links to blog posts and affordable books/ebooks that amount to a terrific, actionable set of resources for learning how to promote your book, developing a specific plan of action, and executing that plan. If you’re in a rush, skip this intro and head straight down to the list of links–we won’t be offended (much).  We spend a lot of time around here planning and executing book promotions and marketing, and that work can take many forms: running newfangled ad campaigns, sending mass emails to targeted lists, partnering with high-traffic websites, leveraging social media accounts, and doing contests, giveaways, press releases, and so on. We’ve dropped postcards in coffee shops and bars. We’ve announced book endorsements from A-list

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There Is No Such Thing as Overnight Success

Posted on: August 30th, 2013 by Patton Dodd

I don’t have much time for a post this morning, but neither do I want to let the morning pass without sharing Gavin Aung Than’s wonderful webcomic, forged in the fires of admiration for the genius Bill Watterson. I spent countless childhood (and adulthood) hours exploring Watterson’s fine mind and imagination in his Calvin and Hobbes comics. Some other time, I may try to explore how some of my most basic convictions about art, storytelling, writing style, character development, and what stories are for come from those hours reading that incredible comic. But for now, I’ll just link to Than’s comic, which should be inspiring for anyone trying to write, determined to create, committed to keep the world at bay long enough to let new works emerge. Check

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I Feel Beautiful When…

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When we released one of our newest books under the title Beauty and the Bitch, we were unsure what the reaction would be. Thankfully, we had the brilliantly talented Jan Meyers Proett at the helm of this honest and vulnerable book, and she delivers on both the honesty and the promise of the book’s subtitle: “Grace for the Worst in Me.” And it took no time at all for positive reviews to begin pouring in. Not only that, but our Facebook page as well as Jan’s were flooded with stories of readers’ experiences with both beauty and bitch. As Jan says, bitch can overwhelm beauty, but if we let it, beauty always wins. So it got us thinking—when do you feel beautiful? Is it when your family enjoys dinner at the end of a busy

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Interns Wanted!

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We’re looking for creative people to intern with us. We’re currently accepting applications for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters. If you’d like to apply, please submit your resume to Rachel at rmueller(at)bondfirebooks(dot)com. Check out the job description below: If you’re an innovative and creative person who loves books and technology, put your talents to use for an up-and-coming publishing company located in the heart of Colorado Springs. Bondfire Books is looking for insightful, motivated interns who have an interest and passion for publishing, marketing, and digital/social media. We work with everyone from New York Times bestselling authors to first-time authors. Our passion is good books, and our mission is to help shape the future of reading. We’re a small company, so you’ll get experience in a wide

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