Interview with Bondfire featured author, Elisa Morgan!

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Bondfire’s featured author, Elisa Morgan gives you a behind the scenes look into her career as an author, business leader, and tireless advocate for mom’s worldwide.


Bondfire:  Elisa, why are these three books, Meditations for Mothers, What Every Child Needs, and Mom to Mom, the most important books a mom can purchase?

Elisa: These are classic “Mother Elisa” books: written in an honest and real voice from a mom who’s been “there” and still doesn’t know “that” but somehow knows enough while holding tightly to God in the process. Enjoy!


Bondfire: What inspired you to want to start mentoring moms?

Elisa:  God’s call was clear on my life when I was recruited to apply to be the first president of MOPS International. I thought, “No way! I have no idea what I’m doing even though my kids were five and three at the time.” As I prayed and process, God directed my eyes to the other moms in the checkout at the grocery – and I saw in them the same need present in me. It seemed that God was saying, “Elisa, give me your deficits and I’ll make them your offering.” Moms don’t need perfect role models. They need honest and approachable mentors who can show them the next step and the next and the next.


Bondfire:  How did writing these books influence your own growth as a mother?

Elisa:  In these books I share many of my own mom struggles – with the permission of my kids! I’ve been keenly aware over the years that their stories are not my story though.  Their stories are their own. I’m responsible for mine – and to influence and shape theirs.


Bondfire:  What else are you up to these days aside from writing?

Elisa:  I lead the online resource, FullFill, a FREE digizine for women of all ages and stages to live out their influence. Check it out! I also am writing some new books, speaking a gob, and loving life alongside my now-adult children, my AMAZING grandson and my unmatched husband. Oh, and my two ginormous dogs – a rottie and a rottie-wanna-be.

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